ArCom Systems is committed to bringing you the latest IP video systems that offer the following assets:

Mega-Pixel Technology - HD quality video at your fingertips, resulting in greater detail and easier prosecution of the bad guy.

Reduced Cabling Costs - We can run a single CAT 5/6 cable to each camera for POE (Power Over Ethernet) and video transmission.

Video Analytics - Sophisticated algorithms send automatic alarms should individuals or objects encroach upon areas you specify as authorized access areas; in many cases preventing the incident from occurring in the first place. With video analytics and optional voice response solutions, when seconds count and you need the alarm quickly to take action, ArCom Systems helps you to save lives and protect your property.

Non-Proprietary Video Storage - We can leverage your existing terabytes of storage on non-proprietary video servers; this allows you to potentially reduce costs for video storage verses traditional DVR servers.